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The Powerful Language of Love

Personal Revelation: Power and Purpose

The Power of

financial Preparedness

Power-Up Your cybersecurity

Jon & Ashlee Harris

The Powerful Language of Love

Learning to show love to someone in the language that makes them feel the most loved can improve any relationship, whether parent, sibling, child, significant other, friend, co-worker or neighbor. An awareness of the love languages and how they work can help you improve communication and create stronger bonds with the people in your life.

This class will present the love languages, how they work and why, how to identify others' love languages as well as your own, and give you some practical applications to help you become fluent in all 5!

Matt Whitcomb

Kathi Carpenter

Personal revelation: Power and Purpose

Life is full of decisions to be made, options to explore, and difficulties to face. The challenge can be figuring out what direction to take and what choices to make.

We each have a divine purpose, a unique and meaningful contribution to make in this life, but how do we know what that purpose is and how can we make the decisions that will enable us to accomplish it?  

This class will explore how to use personal revelation to live a life of power and purpose, and learning to make wise decisions ourselves while relying on and seeking the Lord for guidance and instruction!

This topic has two presenters who will be leading the discussion in two separate classrooms during each session of the classes.

John W. Gardner

The Power of Financial Preparedness

Money - the acquisition, use, and/or lack thereof - consumes a large part of our lives and can be a stressful element. Wise planning and preparation can help reduce stress and provide some of peace of mind, but it can also feel like a very daunting task.

This class will discuss what you should be planning for, how prepare for the unexpected, strategies for the future, and what you should have in place, just in case you are translated tomorrow! ;)

CyberSecurity Experts

Power-Up Your Cybersecurity

Digital crime takes many forms: identity theft, malware, spyware, viruses, and fraud.

This class will teach you ways you can safeguard your computer, cell phone, and other digital devices from identity thieves and malicious cyber-criminals!

FROM OUR EXPERTS: "I would just as soon not provide a lot of details that are going to be published.  In fact, the purposeful lack of details will relate to our presentation."

This will be a very informative and interesting class!

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