Dating and Other Death-Defying Experiences

Relationship Panel Discussion

He said, she said...

There's no question that men and women often have different perspectives and different interpretations of social situations. It's part of what makes relationships interesting and can expand our understanding and awareness of things outside ourselves. But it can also be very frustrating!

Wondering if it's "just a guy thing"? Trying to figure out "what women want"? Have questions about the protocols of digital dating? Here's your chance to probe the psyche of the opposite sex and get your questions answered! 

From friendship to first date to wedding date (and beyond), post your relationship questions here (anonymously, if you wish) and then join us at the Joy in the Journey Single Adult Conference.

In a live interactive panel discussion on June 9, 2018, our 6 panelists will discuss the questions you have about dating etiquette, relationships, the opposite sex, and the social challenges we face as single adults.

Ask our panel a question!

To post your question anonymously, type your comment then enter "anon" into the name field. Add our email address ( and select "I'd rather post as a guest". Comments/Questions are moderated.

About the panel

The panel discussion will be a moderated forum where the questions you post here will be reviewed and discussed at the Joy in the Journey Single Adult conference.  The discussion will be interactive and additional questions posed during the conference will be answered as well.

Our panel consists of two singles (one guy and one gal) with varied relationship experiences, and backgrounds, as well as a married couple who have "been there, done that". 

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